Which Transfer Factor to choose for a child and how to use it the parent is concerned about the immunity


4Life Transfer Factor products are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any diseases. They are only dietary supplements and come in 3 types in the form of capsules:

- Transfer Factor Classic,

- Transfer Factor Tri-Factor,

- Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor.

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor is also produced in the form of chewable tablets of a cream-citrus flavor as Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Chewable and fruit juice as Transfer Factor Riovida Tri-Factor that children love.

Transfer Factors are produced in the USA from bovine colostrum and chicken eggs in a special patented or patent-pending process (for inquisitive: small molecular peptides from 3500 to 6000 kDa are extracted from colostrum, which show the desired physiological effect).

Based on our distributor experience (we have been 4Life Transfer Factors distributors continuously since 2004), professional literature from the USA, customer reviews, as well as our own parenting experience (the oldest child is currently 20 years old, the youngest 12) as a basic Transfer Factor diet supplement we use:

- for our young children - Transfer Factor Classic - the most delicate of all Transfer Factors, only from bovine colostrum (colostrum)

- for school children - still Transfer Factor Classic or the stronger Transfer Factor Tri-Factor.

Transfer Factor Plus Tri Factor supplement, which supports immunity more strongly due to the zinc content, and is also enriched with herbs and mushrooms, should in our opinion be used in children after consulting the kid health issues with a doctor.

Daily portions of supplements recommended by the manufacturer are always indicated on the label. Please note that these are usually the adult portions. For children, these doses should be reduced accordingly. In case od our own kids we follow American distributors' and doctor's recommendations (in the USA, Transfer Factor supplements are used in medical practice, hence the presence of Transfer Factors in the annual medical lexicon of drugs and supplements, the so-called PDR).

American recommendations * suggest the following daily portion of TF Classic (consisting only from the bovine colostrum) ** starting depending on age:

- under one year of age***: 1/2 capsule * per day

- 1-5 years of age***: 1 capsule * per day

- 6-12 years of age***: 1 capsule * 2 times a day

- over 12 years: 1 capsule 3 times a day, as in adults

* Steven Bock, "Transfer Factor and It's Clinical Applications"

** Transfer Factor Classic in one capsule contains 200 mg Transfer Factor

*** Note, that dietary supplements at this age shold be used only under physicians supervision!

Introducing any immune boosting food ingredients, like cow colostrum from Transfer Factors into the children's diet should be gradual. It then guarantees a gentle dietary effect and... parental peace. Why is that important? Read below.

Low and high immunity vs a child's fever and inflammation

Parents of children with low immunity rarely see their children in acute fever. An insensitive child usually reacts poorly to infections, hence inflammation "smolders" feverishly or with low fevers. On the contrary, the child's high immunity is characterized by a strong response to infections, especially viral, sometimes with very high fever. Therefore, a sudden increase in immunity while the child is infected can result in a rapid response of the immune system with a strong inflammation and high fever.

Currently, more and more children and adults are suffering from fever-free infections, which is in fact a sign of a very weak immunity. Many parents are terribly afraid of fever of fever and do not realize that the fever is a natural immune mechanism, very effective, e.g. in case of viral infections such as influenza. Of course, high fever is a heavy burden not only for a child, but also for an adult, which is why a feverish patient requires proper care. However, we live in times of minimizing effort, which is why patients expect doctors to "prescribe antipyretics" even at subfebrile states, i.e. well below 38 degrees Celsius.

So, if your child has a very low immunity and is often sick, and thus may still be a carrier of unchecked viruses and bacteria, you should act gently. A rapid increase of immunity response may result in a temporary stronger illness symptoms. Although this is a natural, effective method of getting rid of pathogens, it can cause you a lot of stress during childcare.

Deterioration at the beginning of supplementation, how is it possible?

At the beginning of the use of any effective dietary support, deterioration may occur at the beginning, e.g. a child may have flu-like symptoms, nausea or gastrointestinal symptoms. That is why it is important to seek for a medical advice while using dietary supplements for kids. The deterioration symptoms might be just the healing symptoms that are usually classified as Jarish-Herxheimer reaction.

The Jarish-Herxheimer reaction also called Herx for short is the effect of the release of toxins from pathogens that are being killed by the immune system. We call this reaction a "recovery crisis" because it is actually a temporary crisis leading to recovery. Of course, not all children and adults experience it. This is a very individual response. If it occurs, it is recommended to increase the amount of fluid (preferably in the form of just water) to stimulate more efficient blood purification and the excretion of toxins from the body. You can also use fresh juices, green barley or spirulina or chlorella tablets. Deacidifying baths in magnesium chloride or the use of magnesium chloride spray can be additionally effective.

Therefore, when you are a 4Life Transfer Factor beginner user and as a parent wish to support your child's immunity by colostrum, it is best to do it gradually, starting with a most gentle supplement and a small portion.

What should you expect? Of course, it is a very individual matter. But we can assure you that since 2004 we have not met a single dissatisfied parent! :)

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